The DOEN Foundation supports pioneers who are committed to a green, socially-inclusive and creative society

Supporter of pioneers

DOEN Foundation is the fund of the National Postcode Loterij and VriendenLoterij, and believes in a green, social, and creative society. DOEN supports innovative initiatives of pioneers and gives them a quick start. In this way they can inspire others and show that change is possible.

Accelerate transitions

DOEN will commit to accelerating transitions to a circular economy in which there is a focus on the commons, in which everyone can participate, and in which there is room for radical thinkers who can show a new perspective on the world.

Worldwide network

The DOEN Foundation supports initiatives at home and abroad. Read more about these initiatives that have been supported in recent years.


Are you an entrepreneur who actively works on innovative solutions for a better world? And does your initiative make a positive contribution to one of our programmes? Maybe you can submit an application for financial support.