Tiro Association for Arts strengthens the Lebanese cultural sector

News overview

For 15 years, Tiro Association for Arts (TAA) has been creating cultural sanctuaries in Lebanon, a country where they almost no longer existed. They renovate old, abandoned cinemas and turn them into meeting places where it organises festivals, performances and workshops for young people. In doing so, TAA offers young people hope, mutual understanding and an alternative perspective on their existence.

Mobilising young people

Lebanon has suffered greatly in recent years. The war, Covid-19 and the explosion in the port of Beirut have dealt the country a huge blow, with major consequences for the cultural sector. TAA's mission is to restore hope to Lebanese youth. It is doing this by making young people co-responsible for restoring the cultural sector in the country. In the renovated cinemas, they are encouraged to express themselves creatively, develop critical life skills and make their voices heard. This last point is not self-evident; because of the strict religious agenda, freedom of expression is under pressure in the country.

Bringing people together through culture

For TAA, restoring the cultural sector is a means of restoring contact between people. Due to war and religious agendas, the northern and southern regions have grown apart. TAA travels to both areas with its special Art and Peace Bus to ensure exchange between young people and communities. Together, they create productions and festivals.

Strengthening the sector with a new hotspot

In 2024, the northern city of Tripoli will be the country's cultural capital. Tiro has a lot on its agenda this year. It will continue to organise cultural activities and get back on the road with the Art and Peace Bus. And it will also focus on other groups besides young people.

  • It wants to use art to strengthen the position of women in society.
  • It wants the deaf and blind to feel more a part of society. TAA is doing this by creating art and producing films with and for them.
  • It is focusing on improving and developing the skills of young people in refugee camps through artistic workshops and festivals.

In this way, TAA is contributing to a better and united future for Lebanon.

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