Integrity Policy

DOEN does everything in its power to prevent abuses and violations. But if suspicions of wrongdoing and violations arise, DOEN takes them seriously and responds appropriately. The integrity policy offers everyone involved with DOEN an opportunity to report suspected abuses and violations. The purpose of the policy is to prevent abuses and violations as far as possible, to deal with them carefully if they do occur, and to account for them appropriately. The integrity policy applies both to situations within DOEN and to possible abuses and violations at organisations supported by DOEN.

On this page you will find information about:

  • Submit a report: how and where to report a potential violation
  • Complaints procedure: what to do in the event of sexual harassment, discrimination, aggressive behavior and bullying in the workplace.
  • Other agreements and procedures: Other agreements and rules that DOEN uses, such as the Employee Codes of Conduct and the Complaints Procedure.

Submit a report
A reporting desk for (suspected) violations must be low-threshold and confidential. At DOEN, a report of a violation or suspected violation can be made in a variety of ways.
That's why we offer several ways to report a (suspected) violation.

External report

  • Reports by outsiders about DOEN partners can be made through the DOEN employees, the Executive Board or the general mailbox [email protected]

Internal report

  • To the Executive Board
    This includes both anonymous reports and non-anonymous reports. A report about a DOEN employee should always be forwarded by the Executive Board to the HR department. This can be done by calling the management assistant, which can be reached via +31(0)649500887
  • To the HR department
    The HR department also has a role as an integrity officer. Reporting to HR can be done via email or in an interview.
  • Whistleblowers’ reporting desk
    A report can be made to an external whistleblowers’ reporting desk: the “Huis voor klokkenluiders” (House for Whistleblowers). Read our complete whistleblower's scheme here.
  • Confidential advisor
    The role of confidential advisor is to be a discussion partner for the person thinking about making a report. DOEN works with both internal and external confidential advisors. The internal advisor is Wim Jacobs. Lilian Vermeulen or Anton de Leeuw are available externally, they can be reached via +31(0)70-2600032 or [email protected]
  • Chairperson of the Supervisory Board.
    A report can be made to the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board if the report concerns one or both of the members of the DOEN Executive Board (Hester Maij).

The aim of our integrity policy is to prevent abuses and violations as much as possible, to handle them carefully where appropriate, and to provide adequate accountability. The integrity policy applies to situations within DOEN as well as to possible abuses and violations at organizations supported by DOEN. Read our full integrity policy here.

Complaints procedure
We do not gossip or speak ill of employees, not amongst ourselves and not with third parties. Sexual harassment, discrimination, aggressive behaviour and/or bullying in the workplace are of course prohibited. Such behaviour, if proven, may give rise to appropriate sanctions against the DOEN employee concerned. Formal: if the DOEN employee feels that the previous step has not led to an acceptable solution or that the behaviour to which the complaint relates is of such a serious nature that a formal handling of the complaint is necessary, the employee can submit his/her complaint in writing to the complaints committee. In such a case, the complaints scheme will come into effect.

Other agreements and procedures
Other agreements and rules that DOEN uses are the Employee Codes of Conduct and the Complaints Procedure. The code of conduct describes the desired behavior of employees towards each other and towards business partners in general terms. The complaints procedure describes the procedure for complaints addressed to the DOEN Foundation.