About DOEN

The DOEN Foundation believes that it is possible to achieve a green, socially inclusive and creative society. We are seeing many people using entrepreneurship to actively work towards innovative solutions for a better world. They are at the forefront; they dare to take risks and they bring about change. They break through old structures and create new perspectives on existing problems. These pioneers are also a source of inspiration for others. DOEN’s role is to support these pioneers in the very first phase in order to give initiatives a flying start, and thereby stimulate innovation. Where possible, DOEN subsequently transfers the initiatives to other parties to increase their impact.

DOEN is committed to transitions

In the coming years, DOEN will commit to accelerating transitions to a circular economy in which there is a focus on the commons, in which everyone can participate, and in which there is room for radical thinkers who can show a new perspective on the world. By making the pioneers who are committed to this bigger, stronger and more visible.

Based on developments in the world around us, we are opting for the following transitions:

How we do this?

DOEN aims to accelerate these transitions that are necessary for a green, socially inclusive and creative society. That’s why we’re working on 7 opportunities for change:

  1. Circular Entrepreneurship
  2. Sustainable Energy
  3. Sustainable Food System
  4. Innovative Community Initiatives
  5. Social Entrepreneurship and Inclusion (Vriendenloterij Fonds)
  6. Celebrate the art of change (VriendenLoterij Fonds)
  7. International Culture and Media; room for imagination

Integrity policy DOEN Foundation

Integrity policy

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Other agreements and rules that DOEN uses are the Code of conduct for employees and the Complaints procedure.