From a wasteful and unsustainable food system, to a fair and sustainable system

Food is the cornerstone of sustainable development. However, the current food system does not provide security for everyone. Although food production has doubled in size over the last fifty years – and has become more varied – distribution is uneven. The production of food also has a major impact on our planet: it is responsible for a quarter of global CO2 emissions.

A sustainable food system
In order to feed a growing population sustainably and reduce the ecological impact, there must be a transition to a fair and sustainable food system. The number of sustainable alternatives must increase; the impact of agriculture and livestock farming on the climate must be reduced; and, finally, agriculture must contribute to inclusive economic and social development.

Support from the DOEN Foundation
DOEN is looking for innovative pioneers working on fair and sustainable food initiatives. DOEN is focusing on the sustainable entrepreneurs themselves or on parties that facilitate them. DOEN also aims to inspire others and to set an example of the effectiveness of socially and ecologically responsible business practices. DOEN is active in the Netherlands and East Africa, with initiatives in East Africa also focusing on economic and social progress. Internationally, DOEN works through partners such as funds or organisations that innovatively unite groups of producers (such as the Progreso Foundation or Apollo Agriculture) in low and middle-income countries.

DOEN looks at the following aspects when reviewing applications for funding:
- Closing local cycles and new models that make the best possible use of raw materials;
– Where the chain is transparent and balanced: players work together more closely and each link in the chain receives a fair share of the profits.


Want to apply to DOEN?

Before applying, please read the programme criteria.
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