Solidarity with Beirut

News overview

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the terrible tragedy in Lebanon. A number of our cultural partners have also been heavily impacted by the blast – directly and indirectly. Even under normal circumstances, they strive on a daily basis to make Lebanon (Beirut) and the Arab world a better place for everyone. They create space for the imagination and stimulate people to think beyond merely existing, within a context that hardly makes this possible.

In a country battling to combat the pandemic – while already facing a political and financial crisis – the work carried out by these partners has become more important than ever in the face of this new drama. The DOEN Foundation is therefore maintaining close contact with all its partners, and other financiers and funds, in order to ascertain how best to help wherever possible.

And this is essential. By way of illustration, the headquarters of both the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and Ettijahat were destroyed by the blast and a number of Ettijahat employees even suffered minor injuries. Fortunately, the other partners did not suffer any direct damage, but they will most certainly feel the consequences.

All the help we can give
Our partners will undoubtedly be launching all manner of initiatives in the near future to help rebuild the country. For this reason, here’s an outline of initiatives already launched, links for donations and links to their websites to stay up to date on developments as they unfold.

Financial support

  • Art Lives: Emergency fund - This emergency fund already established during the corona crisis by Mophradat and partners Ettijahat and Action For Hope. The fund is intended to help Arab artists to keep their heads above water in these incredibly difficult times.

Stay informed about the other partners in Lebanon

  • Ashkal Alwan - Ashkal Alwan is a forerunner in the (visual) art sector of Lebanon and is internationally acclaimed for its innovative training programme and HomeWorks festival. In the years ahead, Ashkal Alwan will develop into a vehicle for artistic, ICT and socio-political organisations to join forces.