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We aim to enlarge the imaginative capacity of people. This means that everyone can shape society on its own terms, with room to dream, think, express ideas and be moved. We support initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America that stimulate this capacity. We actively bring artists and cultural organizations from these countries together. Senegalese rappers Xuman and Keyti from Africulturban / Focus reach a large audience of (often illiterate) young people to interest them in important political and social issues. Especially for DOEN, they wrote a rap news about our cooperation with African cultural partners.

Our cultural partners that Xuman and Keyti rap about are:

Portes et Passages The artistic center Portes et Passages highlights the relationship between art, community development and ecology. A local fishing community and national and international artists are working on new social connections.

Kër Thiossane Residents in Sicap, Dakar work together with artists, scientists and technicians on a viable public space. There is a neighborhood garden, fablab, playground, library and many temporary art projects. A joint approach and responsibility are central.

FOCUS (Guediawaye/Africulturban) FOCUS professionalizes and strengthens the 'urban culture' in West Africa, including hip hop, dance and graffiti. The program achieves and connects young people and audiences of all walks of life. Several organizations from the region work together, creating a network and a touring circuit.

Ecole des Sables Ecole des Sables develops the African contemporary dance sector by organizing professional training courses, setting up exchanges between African dancers and helping to set up dance initiatives in Africa.

Raw Material Company A center for art, knowledge and society in Dakar with an exhibition space, places to stay, library and restaurant. Raw Material plays an exemplary role in Senegal and on the African continent in terms of the quality of the center and its activities. It also provides the much-needed nutrition to a more critical debate on crucial themes.

Read more about our support for cultural organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Photo header: Kër Thiossane