5 questions for Noortje van Heijst, Impact Investment Associate at DOEN Participaties

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What’s it like to work for the DOEN Foundation? Perhaps our colleagues are best qualified to answer this question. So, let’s introduce you to them! Today, we put five questions to Noortje van Heijst, Impact Investment Associate at DOEN Participaties.

1. What was your main reason for applying to work at DOEN?
There are so many high-impact initiatives that could use a helping hand to reach their full potential. DOEN’s mission to support these talented entrepreneurs, where impact is everything, appeals to my personal vision. I believe entrepreneurs play a key role in driving transitions and finding solutions to the challenges we face. Based on the revolving nature of DOEN Participaties – the DOEN Foundation’s investment company, where the money lent is returned so it can be reinvested – success ensures that even more high-impact businesses can be funded. I can’t imagine a better source of motivation.

2. Tell us about your working day?
Highly diverse and varied! One day I’m visiting one of our partners for a (shareholders’) meeting, the next I’m doing in-depth market research, and on another I’m at an event picking up inspiration and scouting new initiatives. There’s also always time for a cup of coffee, a walk or enjoying lunch with colleagues.

3. What do you think of DOEN as an employer?
DOEN is a great employer. There’s plenty of room for personal development and interests. And there’s a high level of team spirit. This was reaffirmed over the course of the DOEN days in June this year, when the entire team visited different partners in the Netherlands. It was great to get to know more about the initiatives we support thanks to the players of the Nationale Postcode Loterij and the VriendenLoterij, and to get to know my colleagues better.

4. What are you most proud of about your job?
That – through DOEN – we invest on the basis of trust, we are willing to take risks and we always put impact first. This differentiates DOEN from other financiers and defines its especially important complementary role in the investment landscape.

5. Which initiative supported by DOEN is your favourite?
At the moment, I’m following NEFFA (New Fashion Factory) with great interest. With its innovative production technology, NEFFA is raising the sustainability bar in the fashion industry. The technology makes it possible for clothes, shoes and bags to be produced from organic materials, locally and without any seams or off-cuts. Among other things, they use MycoTEX, a sustainable material they developed in-house from mushroom roots (mycelium).