Everyone feels at home at Arts Ability Uganda

News overview

Arts Ability Uganda uses art as a tool to promote inclusiveness and serves as a creative breeding ground for artists with and without disabilities. The arts centre offers dance and visual arts programmes for talented, beginning artists. This provides them with opportunities to develop their creative interests and skills under professional supervision, helping them to find their voice and share their stories with a broader audience.

Arts Ability Uganda has been able to make its dreams come true with support from the DOEN Foundation, building a large arts community that enjoys local and international acceptance.

Geerte Wachter, DOEN Foundation programme manager: “From artists to local residents, everyone feels at home at Arts Ability Uganda. It’s wonderful to see that they also give artists with disabilities an opportunity to tell their story to a broader audience, creating new perspectives.”

Want to know more about Arts Ability Uganda? See the video below:

Arts Ability Uganda is supported by the DOEN Foundation thanks to the players of the Postcode Loterij.