Dilstories: Springboard for young filmmakers in Uganda

News overview

Film production company Dilstories helps young filmmakers in Uganda by organising two-year practical training programmes for young people to build a career and earn an income by telling their own stories. By cooperating with local partners, Dilstories aims to set up self-sustaining, network-based training centres throughout the country.

With support from the DOEN Foundation, Dilstories can pay for trainers and equipment. This serves to strengthen the film school’s foundations.

Geerte Wachter, DOEN Foundation programme manager: “Dilstories gives young people an opportunity to tell their own stories. And to openly discuss controversial social issues. Audiences get to see stories they can identify with. Through their innovative approach – by filming with smartphones instead of expensive cameras, for example – they make these stories accessible to a broader group of young people.”

DOEN supports Dilstories thanks to participants of the Dutch Postcode Loterij (Postcode Lottery).