Batalo East helps Ugandan youngsters to get dancing

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Batalo East’s mission is to create a safe space and give young dancers self-confidence. By involving different cultures and age groups in their activities, the Ugandan dance platform creates dialogue and opens up social issues for discussion. In recent years, Batalo East initiated a movement of dancers whose work addresses issues such as child labour, solidarity and teenage motherhood.

After a difficult time due to Covid-19 and despite the turbulent political situation in Uganda, support from the DOEN Foundation has enabled Batalo East to pick up where it left off and establish strong foundations for an independent future.

Geerte Wachter, DOEN Foundation programme manager: “Batalo East helps young people form their identities in a rapidly changing society. Thanks to their efforts, new dance forms have emerged that connect different groups, and young and old.”

Want to know more about Batalo East? Then watch this video:

The DOEN Foundation supports Batalo East thanks to the players of the Postcode Lottery.