Introducing the FriendsLottery Fund

News overview

Pioneers seeking support for their creative initiatives and social enterprises can now apply to the FriendsLottery Fund.

A new name for the BankGiro Lottery Fund

The FriendsLottery Fund is the result of merging the BankGiro Lottery Fund (part of the DOEN Foundation) with DOEN’s Social Enterprise and Inclusion programme.

DOEN is funded by the Dutch Charity Lotteries. To clearly show all that DOEN and its partners are able to achieve thanks to lottery players, we will henceforth refer to the FriendsLottery Fund in communications about support we provide using contributions from the FriendsLottery.

The FriendsLottery Fund

The FriendsLottery Fund aims to help build a world in which everyone is able to participate and there is ample room for radical imagination. It supports enterprises that help people with poor job prospects to take part in society. It also supports socially engaged artistic and cultural initiatives that ask critical questions about the world and involve people from all walks of life. Such projects bring about new perspectives and help to shape society in new ways.