Lindenholt in Nijmegen used to be known as ‘the forgotten neighbourhood across the canal’. But Jorine de Bruin en Janneke Wijdeveld made a change. From their experience of the art project KunstExpress, which had gained them a large network of families, artists, social services, and schools in the neighbourhood, they transformed a neglected farm into the vibrant meeting place De Broederij.

Now De Broederij (a cross between the words farm and hatchery) is a creative, ecological breeding ground in Lindenhout where local residents, together with entrepreneurs from the creative sector, realise neighbourhood initiatives for all ages, inside and outside, all focused on art, culture, and nature. Local entrepreneurs work in De Broederij on neighbourhood specific projects or their own work. Companies can make use of De Broederij for creative brainstorm sessions, inspiration days or meetings.

This neighbourhood initiative brings people together, encourages creativity and improves involvement in the community. DOEN supports De Broederij because it makes people feel connected again with their neighbourhood, the community and the city.

Organisation The Broederij
Supported by Nationale Postcode Loterij