Studio Jux is a frontrunner in fair and sustainable fashion. The studio has been active for years in this industry and is now developing a strategy to be able to sell the products both in stores and online.  Studio Jux has its own flagship store in Amsterdam.

Studio Jux was founded by Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink in response to developments in the fashion industry. Studio Jux was one of the very first fashion brands that had fair and sustainable fashion produced in Nepal.

Jitske lived in Nepal for several years and set up the factory for Studio Jux, established under the name “Be Suited”.  The brand produces all of its fashion items in the Be Suited factory. In addition, Studio Jux made substantial investments in recent years in production facilities and education of the local staff. Studio Jux holds control of the whole chain, from choosing the garments to selling the products in the store.

Organisation Studio JUX
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