The BankGiro Lotterij Fonds supports striking cultural initiatives in the Netherlands that appeal to a broad range of people. The fund results from the DOEN Foundation’s former cultural programs Social Role Culture and Social Design.

People come up with new things every day. This ability to create something new is what makes us human. With art and culture we celebrate this innovative talent. In art and culture thing are not invented merely for their benefits (such as a smart device or a new cure for cancer) but for art itself. That does not mean art has no social value. Art can move and inspire. Art can bring people together and connect them. Art and culture let people step into the magical world of imagination. It encourages thinking beyond the existing.

All initiatives supported by the BankGiro Lotterij Fonds are innovative cultural initiatives that touch a wide audience in surprising ways with art and culture. In close cooperation with the initiators the fund ensures the visibility of these projects. You can apply for this fund at