Sustainable Food System

Towards a fair and sustainable food system

Food is the cornerstone of sustainable development. However, the current food system does not provide security for everyone and is exhausting the Earth’s resources. Although food production has doubled in size over the last fifty years – and has become more varied – distribution is uneven.  The production of food also has a major impact on our planet: it is responsible for a quarter of global CO2 emissions. 

In order to feed a growing population sustainably and reduce the ecological impact, there must be a transition to a fair and sustainable food system. The number of sustainable alternatives must increase; the impact of agriculture and livestock farming on the climate must be reduced; and, finally, agriculture must contribute to inclusive economic and social development.

Support from DOEN

DOEN supports pioneers working towards a fair and sustainable food system. These are sustainable entrepreneurs themselves or parties that protect our ecosystem and/or strengthen the sector. They are people in the Netherlands and East Africa who dare to take risks and inspire others. Initiatives in East Africa also focus on economic and social progress.

For example, these pioneers are concerned with:

  • Green protein transition
  • Short supply chains
  • Preventing food waste
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Innovative forms of organisation and business models
  • Connecting networks and pioneers working on a future-proof food system that is in balance with nature and the living environment.

DOEN provides direct support to these pioneers in the form of grants, loans, guarantees or investments.



If you would like to make an application, please read the programme criteria first.  
If you want to know more, or have questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected]