What we do

Green, Socially Inclusive and Creative

The DOEN Foundation supports pioneers who work hard to establish a greener, more socially-inclusive, and more creative society, in which:

  • the capacity of the planet is the starting point (green);
  • everybody can participate, where people work together and help each other with respect for individual needs and possibilities (socially inclusive);
  • art and culture are at the heart in the belief that society can not do without (creative).

The DOEN Foundation supports initiatives that focus on one of these three themes. Within these themes, we work with programs which specify the type of initiatives we support.


The DOEN Foundation’s aim is to add to the transition of a green and innovative economy where inspiring entrepreneurs contribute to a better world for people and the planet. These companies work actively to establish sustainable change in the whole production chain, from procurement to sales. To achieve impact financial profit is a precondition, not an end in itself.

Socially inclusive

The DOEN Foundation believes in a socially inclusive society in which everyone can participate. That is why we support initiatives that help vulnerable people (re)gain their place in society. A place where they can work, evolve and feel part of society. It will enhance peoples’ personal development and involvement with one another and their surroundings. DOEN always looks for social initiatives that show an entrepreneurial, creative and innovative approach.


Art and culture excite the imagination. They incite wonder, confrontation and connection and question seemingly undisputed truths. Artists are the engine of change, challenging people’s imagination to think beyond the existing order. In doing so, they reveal new perspectives. DOEN believes strongly in the power of imagination and supports art and culture initiatives in the Netherlands and abroad.