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In Mali they celebrate the new generation of artists with the photography festival "Inter Biennale Photographique du Mali". The festival, which was held from August 27 to October 19, 2020, shows the best works of fifteen young photographers at multiple locations in the capital Bamako. As the "capital of photography", Bamako aims to create a place where young artists have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and take classes to improve their skills. As a creative network that strengthens each other and together reaches a national and international audience.

“The DOEN Foundation underlines the power of art and culture and supports initiatives aimed at creating free space for the imagination,” says our program manager International Culture and Media, Merel Oord, in the catalog of this festival. Especially in times of crisis this is essential: it enables us to share our voice, to dream, to experiment, to confront and be ourselves. That is why DOEN supports initiatives from the International Culture and Media program that are committed to building and strengthening the cultural sector in certain regions in Africa.

The DOEN Foundation supports the Inter Biennale in Mali because it promotes the emergence of a new active generation of photography artists and thus creates more space for imagination, reflection and dialogue in a difficult political and economic context.

The photos of the young artists can be seen in this catalog: