Five green entrepreneurs can win 500,000 euros in international sustainability competition

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The green entrepreneurs behind ChargeBnB (Norway), Liion Power (The Netherlands) Mimbly (Sweden), The Tyre Collective (Great Britain) and Warmduscher (Germany) may count themselves as the finalists of the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2021, the international sustainability competition of the Postcode Lotteries. This summer, they already managed to win a place on the longlist of 25 nominees. Now, they have already secured an amount of at least 100,000 euros for their green business with a place in the finals. The business that will be taking home the grand prize of 500,000 euros will be announced during the finals on 14 October.

We are proud to present the finalists to you:

Qazi Sohail Ahmad - ChargeBnB (Norway)
With ChargeBnB, Qazi Sohail Ahmad wants to offer a solution for the still limited charging options for electric cars on the one hand and the rapidly rising number of electric cars in Norway on the other hand. Owners of electric charging points can easily share them with their surrounding area by using the ChargeBnB platform.

Jardo Stammeshaus - Liion Power (The Netherlands)
Jardo Stammeshaus is developing a ‘Battery Life Extender’: a solution that sustainably charges the batteries in rechargeable electronics such as a smartphone. In this way, the lifespan of the battery and therefore the device will be maximised.

Isabella Palmgren - Mimbly (Sweden)
Mimbly is a start-up that wants to make the world wash smarter. Mimbly has developed a patented technology that recycles up to 70 percent of the water, saves up to 30% of the energy in washing machines and filters out microplastics.

Hanson Cheng - The Tyre Collective (Great Britain)
Tyre wear is the second-largest microplastic pollutant in our oceans and a stealthy source of air pollution. The Tyre Collective is developing a retrofittable device, right at the wheel, to prevent these harmful particles from entering our ecosystem.

Oliver Baum - Warmduscher (Germany)
Warmduscher GmbH developed a heat exchanger that combines convenience and sustainability. The residual heat from the warm shower water does not simply disappear down the drain, but preheats the cold fresh water, thus saving up to 40% energy. "Der Warmduscher" can be installed within 10 minutes.

Prize pool of 1 million euros
In addition to the total prize money of one million euros to be distributed during the finals, all Green Challenge finalists will be given access to the Green Challenge Deep Dive: a six-month programme during which the entrepreneurs receive coaching and assistance to take their business to the next level. The Green Challenge is being organised for the 15th time this year. The Postcode Lotteries from Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden do this based on their ambition to help create a greener world.

Online final on 14 October
During the online finals on 14 October, the finalists will pitch their idea to an international jury. The jury will decide who will receive the first prize of €500,000 and who will take home the runner-up prize of 200,000 euros. Registration for the online event is possible in the run-up to the final via