DOEN partners help victims of art and culture sector following earthquakes

News overview

Creative DOEN partners Action for Hope and Ettijahat – Independent Culture launched the “Ahliyeh” (civilian) initiative to provide emergency aid to victims of the earthquakes that hit northern Syria and southern Turkey in February 2023.


The initiative will last six months, with international and local socially-oriented organisations, citizens’ groups and institutions in the art and culture sector joining forces to cooperate. The aim is to provide direct support to artists and cultural institutions affected by the earthquakes, to alleviate the disastrous humanitarian conditions they face. The initiative also aims to help civilian cultural organisations cope with the many crises that will follow in the wake of this disaster. It includes different components for providing support, services and a range of activities. This takes account of their current needs, but also addresses what will be needed in the longer term.

Looking ahead

The DOEN Foundation is proud of its partners who have joined forces during these difficult times. Geerte Wachter, DOEN programme manager: “Art and culture are indispensable in times of crisis. They offer hope to people whose lives are in ruins, and brings them together so they can heal together and get their lives back on track.”

About Action for Hope

Action for Hope provides art and cultural activities in Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Morocco and Iraq. It offers a safe environment for locals and refugees to meet, for people to dream together and for talented young people to be trained as filmmakers or musicians.

About Ettijahat

Ettijahat supports a new generation of Arab – and particularly Syrian – artists to develop professionally and create new work. The organisation focuses on connecting everyone and their stories. This is essential in a country where space for free imagination cannot be taken for granted.