Logo the DOEN Foundation

The logo can be used in one of the blue colour, and if that is not possible then please use the black/white logo. The logo is available in several formats; Printed paper (fc .ai) and projection and internet (rgb 300 dpi, jpg).

Download the logo

Please DO:

  • use a minimal height of 35 mm, to ensure legibility.
  • Do not broaden the logo, narrow or (textual) adapt.
  • If you use the logo on a not white subsoil, pay attention to the blank in the logo when you print it.
  • The logo must be placed apart and can be used on nearly each subsoil. Choose a colour so the logo remains well visible against the context.
  • The instruction sheet is attached to the logo's, please read it..

For further queries please contact [email protected]
Please send an example of the text with the DOEN logo you have used to the above e-mail address.