For more than 20 years, DOEN Participaties has invested in innovative sustainable and social startups. In entrepreneurs who dare to take risks bringing their pioneering ideas to life and in doing so inspiring others. We know like no other that starting and building a company requires time, courage and perseverance. Especially in this continuously and rapidly changing society, where entrepreneurs often encounter obstruction. We are here to assist the startups. We enter in a very early phase with our investment and are able to switch quickly. We commit ourselves for a longer period of time, through good times and bad. And in addition, we help the startups to become more visible, bigger and stronger.

DOEN Participaties is fully owned and managed by DOEN Foundation. The DOEN Foundation was set up by the Charity Lotteries.

We invest in the early phase of a company. We dare to take risks. And for us, the social impact a company can generate always comes first.
With investments abroad where the DOEN Foundation lacks knowledge of the local context, or within a quite specific sector in the Netherlands, investing via an investment fund can be a more logical option. Examples of fund investments are: Gray Ghost DOEN Social Ventures Fund, BPI Southern Africa funds and Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Fund.

DOEN Participaties:

  • Impact is key, before financial return
  • We invest in the early phase
  • We dare to take risks


Daan Lameris
Wouter van Westenbrugge
Michelle de Rijk
Marc Rasmussen
Beau-Anne Chilla
Pamela ter Schiphorst