Do things differently
We live in a turbulent time. A new millennium, in which we not only feel that things can be different, but for the first time in history we also have every opportunity to do things differently. The coming decades will be characterized by disruptions and innovations. Initiated by driven entrepreneurs who are dedicated to make the world smarter, better and more future-proof.

Make a difference
It is exactly at that tipping point, on the cutting edge of good to better, where DOEN Participaties makes a difference. We have been doing that for 20 years. Also in the coming years we will play a key role for entrepreneurs who take the lead, who think differently about prosperity and well being and therefore act differently. Disruptive, with an ideal. Frontrunners, who guide us into the future, and who have meaningful ideas that have financial returns aligned with social returns.

At DOEN Participaties we have a nose for incredible people with impactful plans. If we believe in something, we dare to be the first ones to step in and take the risk. Our involvement often acts as a stamp of recognition helping to convince other investors to follow.

We participate financially, always tailor-made. We are truly involved. We open up networks and have marketing and communication channels available. We help entrepreneurs on their way until they can stand on their own feet. Then we can reap the jointly realized returns, in money, knowledge, expertise and social returns, to help other innovative plans that can make the future more beautiful for all of us.

Do you think and act differently?

Do you have meaningful plans that make a difference?

Do you want us to participate?