DOEN Participaties invests in innovative sustainable and social startups that are in the phase just before or after their market introduction.
We invest directly in companies with convertible loans or equities. Initial investments are on average between € 50,000 and € 500,000. We have the opportunity to make further investments.

For investments abroad where we lack knowledge about the local context or within a very specific sector in the Netherlands, we often invest through an investment fund. DOEN Participaties then makes the investment available and the fund is responsible for the portfolio management.

Investment criteria:

  • sizable intended sustainable or social impact
  • the investment is within / in line with DOEN Foundation's programs
  • strong entrepreneurship
  • innovation
  • scalability

Do you want to submit an application or do you have a question? Send an e-mail to Pamela ter Schiphorst at, or contact us by phone on +31 (0) 20 57 37 687.


Pamela ter Schiphorst
Pamela ter Schiphorst

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