Please note: applications for creative initiatives in the Netherlands can be submitted via BankGiro Loterij Fonds

Directly to submit an application

Are you an entrepreneur who actively works on innovative solutions for a better world? And does your initiative make a positive contribution to one of our programmes? Maybe you can submit an application for financial support.

This is how you submit an application:

1. Read our general criteria and exclusions and also the criteria for each programme.
2. Create an account for ‘My DOEN’ and login. Note: Do not use the & sign in your password.
3. Submit your application by using the online application form.
4. You can update your application and upload more information by login on ‘My DOEN’.
5. If we see potency in your initiative, we contact you for more information.
6. When your initiative is supported by DOEN, you can use our logo to communicate this.

Le formulaire de demande en français: