DOEN is committed to transitions

In the coming years, DOEN will commit to accelerating transitions to a circular economy in which there is a focus on the commons, in which everyone can participate, and in which there is room for radical thinkers who can show a new perspective on the world. By making the pioneers who are committed to this bigger, stronger and more visible.

Based on developments in the world around us, we are opting for the following transitions:


The commons calls for people-to-people co-operation on the basis of reciprocity.

Many issues are common to all of us– ‘the commons’ – and thus relate to no one individual. Water, air and our natural resources are examples, and so too are public space, culture and heritage. The commons requires collaboration between people on the basis of reciprocity. Co-operation that ensures that what we have on loan together is also kept in good order.
This is about sharing and not dividing, close to home. It is about building a community based on common values, culture and social interaction.


Speeding up alternative, circular solutions, co-investment and stimulating further innovation.

If humanity wishes to survive, we must return to, and stay within, the ecological limits of the planet. At the moment, over-exploitation of the earth’s resources is causing climate change, a massive loss of biodiversity and a lack of raw materials. This has potentially catastrophic consequences and is already leading to social problems and increasing inequality. Radical changes are needed to counteract this – a massive switch to renewable energy and a sustainable food system, for example. And a new, circular economy that stands together and does not focus solely on financial and economic growth.


Mutual involvement is great; everyone is part of the community and knows that they are appreciated.

There are growing gaps between rich and poor, and between the highly-educated and less-educated. Discrimination and exclusion still exist. Vulnerable people are struggling to survive in a complex society. DOEN is committed to a socially inclusive world in which everyone feels at home. Where there is great mutual involvement; where everyone is part of the community and feels appreciated. Where there is respect for each other and diversity is valued.


Only in this way can we continue to amaze and astound ourselves.

Radical imagination is the ability to depict the world not as it is, but as it could be. The art of this imagination can create beauty or confusion, and question seemingly unquestionable truths. Only in that way can we continue to amaze and astound ourselves. Radical imagination can make other perspectives visible, provide a different representation of the world, and set social innovation in motion.
DOEN is committed to creating room for thinking about new systems. Because that is not as self-evident as it seems.

How we do this? 7 Opportunities for change

DOEN aims to accelerate these transitions that are necessary for a green, socially inclusive and creative society. That’s why we’re working on 7 Opportunities for Change:

You can read more about this in our Long Term Plan 2018-2022.