The DOEN Foundation believes in a green, socially inclusive and creative world

The DOEN Foundation supports enterprising people who dare to take risks, bringing their ground-breaking ideas to life and inspiring others

The DOEN Foundation makes these initiatives bigger, stronger and more visible. Together we make the world greener, more socially inclusive and creative

Let’s take a look back at 2018

Beeldenregen: Content House [ENG] Beeldenregen: Apollo [ENG}  Beeldenregen: AYCA [ENG] Beeldenregen: Clique [ENG] Beeldenregen: Backbone [ENG] Beeldenregen: Klabu [ENG} Beeldenregen: LENA [ENG] Beeldenregen: Stedelijk Museum Schiedam [ENG] Beeldenregen: Partizan Publik [ENG] Beeldenregen: Refugee Company [ENG]

4 Transitions

We focus on accelerating four transitions. Four global, fundamental and irreversible changes making the world more sustainable, socially inclusive and creative.

DOEN in 2018


DOEN would like to thank all the pioneers and players of the Dutch Charity Lotteries.

Saskia Werther Beau-Anne Chilla Mo Banadji Geerte Wachter Marije Schasfoort Femke van Casteren Maarten Derksen Yu-Lan van Alphen Reineke Schermer Idriss Nor Marc Rasmussen Hilde Neijssel Tatiana van Lier Safka Overweel Fayette Montroos

Annual Report 2018

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