Aqua Spark invests in sustainable aquaculture businesses that are generate investment returns while working towards the production of safe, accessible aquatic life, such as fish, shellfish and plants. Currently, twice as much fish is consumed worldwide as fifty years ago. As a result of this overfishing many species are in danger of extinction and in decades from now the oceans will become some kind of underwater deserts. One of the answers to this growing demand for fish is aquaculture, or: farmed fish.

A large part of the existing aquaculture is not sustainable. For example, wild small fish such as sardines are being used as food for the farming of larger fish. As a precautionary measure farmed fish receive medicinal treatment, including antibiotics. Some companies have poor working conditions, and many farmed fishponds have a devastating effect on the natural environment in coastal areas.

Aqua-Spark is a fund that invests worldwide in sustainable aquaculture and strives for a world where sustainable fish farming is the answer to overfishing. DOEN agrees that aquaculture is becoming increasingly important, provided that it is done sustainably. Therefore DOEN supports Aqua-Spark, to enable sustainable aquaculture to become the norm.

Organisation Aqua Spark
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