Here you can find a selection of the creative initiatives, which DOEN has previously supported.


DOEN believes in the power of creativity in society. Art and culture fascinate the public and confront and connect people. Creativity is often the driving force for change because it challenges people to think beyond what already exists.
In the Netherlands DOEN supports artists who choose themes with which they reach a wide public.

From January 2016, the cultural programmes of the DOEN Foundation in the Netherlands will continue under the name BankGiro Lotterij Fonds.

Outside the Netherlands we focus specifically on Africa where we strengthen the advancement of the cultural arena. DOEN supports these initiatives through the International Culture programme.

International Culture and Media
The DOEN Foundation supports initiatives that reinforce the cultural infrastructure in North, East and West Africa, in particular in Mali, Tunisia and Uganda. The emphasis is on financing local projects and organisations and we are open to all disciplines and activities. Evaluation is based on the urgency and added value of a project within the cultural sector in the country concerned or the contribution that it makes to cooperation and innovation in the sector in an entire region.
In North Africa (Tunisia and Egypt) DOEN operates via Culture Resource and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture. In these countries DOEN no longer finances projects or organisations directly because Culture Resource and AFAC have more contextual information at their disposal and can therefore allocate the financing more effectively in this politically-unstable region. More information about the DOEN Culture website >>

Arts Collaboratory promotes social innovation through the visual arts in Africa, Asia and Latin America. AC finances projects run by visual art organisations that focus on:
- The study or development of new perspectives on specific social, cultural, economic or climate issues;
- The development of new forms of cooperation and co-creations between and/or by people and groups within and outside the arts sector.
In addition to this, each year a number of organisations are selected for longer-term support. The criteria for this are the contribution that an organisation makes to the visual arts sector in the country/region in question, the quality of the work, and whether the programme contributes to social innovation and/or collaborative art practices.
As well as the financing, Arts Collaboratory also functions as a platform for sharing knowledge.
Arts Collaboratory is a programme by DOEN and Hivos, carried out in conjunction with Casco.
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In the field of International Media, as from 2014 DOEN works exclusively via the Media Development Investment Fund.

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Social Role Culture

Social Design

International Culture and Media


The DOEN Culture website is developed as a platform for the international culture programme of the DOEN Foundation.

Masterclass on Working in a cooperative

The DOEN Foundation organised a masterclass on cooperatives for its partners. Read the report.



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