The DOEN Foundation is convinced that a green, socially-inclusive and creative society is possible. We see many entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in new and creative solutions for a better world. These people are not like other entrepreneurs but are people who lead the way, people who dare to take risks and bring about change. They break through long-established, conventional structures and generate new perspectives for existing problems. DOEN supports enterprises and organisations that a) focus strongly on devising, developing and implementing innovative initiatives that are closely connected with their environment; b) are capable of tapping various sources of financing; and c) are willing and able to adapt their working procedures if other, more effective ways are found.
The implicit objective of all the initiatives that DOEN supports is that they should make a contribution to a green, socially-inclusive, and/or creative society.



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The DOEN Culture website is developed as a platform for the international culture programme of the DOEN Foundation.

Masterclass on Working in a cooperative

The DOEN Foundation organised a masterclass on cooperatives for its partners. Read the report.


Research a New Economy

DOEN supports Creating Change by Godelieve Spaas in her research into ‘the new economy’