Applications may be considered for a contribution from DOEN if besides the general criteria and exclusions they also satisfy the following additional criteria and exclusions:

New Meeting Places

1. The Initiatives adopt an unconventional, surprising and creative approach.
2. Residents have an active role to play in the initiatives.
3. The initiatives are closely embedded in their environment and have demonstrable, social support.
4. The initiatives target unexpected connections that bring groups and individuals together who would otherwise probably not meet.
5. The initiatives take place in the Netherlands (including Aruba, Curaçao, Saint Martin and the BES islands).
All initiatives should comply with these five criteria. In addition,
DOEN attaches importance to the following two points:  
1. DOEN supports projects that are sustainable (so preferably not on a non-committal or one-time basis).
2. The organisation has an enterprising approach, focusing on financial independence and continuity.

Social Firms
1. The initiative is based upon a revenue model.
2. The initiative has a sustainable (lasting) result.
3. The initiative has proven support in society.
4. The focus is on active participation of socially vulnerable people in society.
5.The proposed activities are performed in the Netherlands (including Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten and the BES islands).



  • Formulate your application as briefly and concisely as possible max 4 pages
  • We must receive your application four months before the start of the project
  • At this stage of the application it is not necessary to send attachments
  • Send your application by e-mail to


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