Additional criteria & exclusions

Applications may be considered for a contribution from DOEN if besides the general criteria and exclusions they also satisfy the following additional criteria and exclusions:

International Culture and Media
1. Culture: The initiative provides a structural contribution towards the development of creativity via inter alia training, production and/or distribution of the arts;
2. Media: The initiative provides a demonstrable contribution to strengthening media expressions;
3. Both: The initiative increases diversity with regard to the existing offer in the sectors concerned;
4. DOEN does not contribute to one-off exchanges or one-off showings of artists which are not embedded in a broader development strategy;
5. DOEN doesn't support productions of films and documentaries (DOEN already previously funded the Jan Vrijmanfonds and the Hubert Balsfonds);
6. DOEN doesn't fund initiatives by organisations based in Europe, USA, Australia and Oceania;
7. Dutch organisations are only supported in the event of a major exception, only if from the local context a clear added value is seen and there is no local organisation which can take up the tasks in question

Social Role of Culture
1. The initiative stems from the active involvement of the public and partners.
2. The initiative seeks an innovatory approach that can serve as an example for the sector.
3. The initiative focuses on a structural change in the organisation concerned, for example, in the presentation or collection policy.
4. The initiative is of a substantive artistic level that the relevant public groups recognise as high quality.
5. The initiative has a clear link with present-day reality.
6. DOEN does not finance amateur artists and/or artist companies.
7. The proposed activities are performed in the Netherlands (including Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten and the BES islands).

Social Design
1.The initiative is by artists and/or designers and the content is of a high artistic level.
2.The initiative focuses on creating new perspectives on topical issues.
3.The initiative is broadly embedded among social and other partners and there are collaborations with users, clients, etc.
4.The preference is for projects that focus on an innovatory approach to social issues and sustainability whilst aiming for a balance between economy, society and climate.
5. The proposed activities are performed in the Netherlands (including Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten and the BES islands).

New Meeting Places
1. The initiative must be embedded in the project environment.
2. The initiative creates new relationships/connections between participants, centred around a common interest.
3. The proposed activities are performed in the Netherlands (including Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten and the BES islands).



  • Read the information about the online application form
  • Formulate your application as fully as possible
  • We must receive your application four months before the start of the project
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