What kind of funding instruments is being used by DOEN?

DOEN uses a number of funding instruments guided by the following principle: subsidies where necessary, loans where possible.

What kind of applications are eligible for funding from DOEN

The DOEN Foundation supports pioneers with sustainable, cultural and socially-engaged initiatives. The website describes DOEN’s area of interest as well as the criteria and exclusions. We advise you to read the information on the website carefully before submitting an application.

Having doubts about whether a project will meet DOEN’s criteria?

Send us a short budgeted summary of the project to help us determine if it is eligible for funding. Click for contact details.

How do I submit an application?

For information on applying, click on Applying to DOEN Foundation under the relevant theme. Although there are no minimum/maximum amounts, DOEN’s usual policy is to fund a maximum of 1/3 of a project’s budget.

What's the maximum amount of DOEN's contribution?

There is no maximum nor minimum amount of contribution, but usually DOEN has a guideline to finance max. 1/3 of the project's budget.

What is the average financial contribution DOEN generally assigned?

The average contribution generally depends on the total amount of the project. DOEN also looks at the impact of the DOEN-contribution to the project. Usually DOEN has a guideline to finance max. 1/3 of the project's budget.

Does the application need to be submitted in single of multiple copy?

Applications are submitted online, you can find more information about this on the application page.

How long does the application procedure take?

Applications may be submitted throughout the year and there are no deadlines. On average, the application procedure takes four months. Therefore, be sure to submit your application at least four months before the project is due to start. The procedure may take longer depending on a number of factors.

On what term the application should be submitted to DOEN Foundation?

An application must be submitted to DOEN Foundation four months before the activity starts.

Does the applicant need to be a legal entity?

The applicant must be a legal entity. For purposes of identification, a recent (not older than three months) extract from the Chamber of Commerce must be supplied. Sole traders, too, are eligible to apply. However, if your application is funded by DOEN, you must submit a “VAR-verklaring” (declaration of independent contractor status) from the tax authorities, proving that you are not entering into an employer-employee relationship with DOEN. If the organisation is a legal entity under public law, a declaration from the administrative body must be submitted for purposes of identification.

What is the link with the Charity Lotteries?

DOEN Foundation receives its financial resources from three lotteries: the Nationale Postcode Loterij, the BankGiro Loterij and the Sponsor Bingo Loterij. The areas of operation correspond with those of the lotteries.

My application was rejected, can I get a reconsideration or explanation?

Yes you can. A request for reconsideration or explanation of the rejection must be made by letter.

Didn’t see your question?

If you have a specific question not covered here, send it in an e-mail to: info@doen.nl



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