DOEN Foundation has several financing instruments at its disposal to achieve its objectives, such as subsidy, loans and participations. We act from the philosophy: subsidise where necessary, participate where possible. DOEN supports initiatives from foundations, cooperatives, clubs, one-man businesses, public and private companies. The efforts of these organisations and enterprises and the financial support by DOEN make it possible to achieve our common goals.


A subsidy is an appropriate instrument in all cases in which the applying organisation pursues an ideological objective but cannot generate its own financial resources to achieve it. From DOEN Foundation’s financial instruments the grant is the most widely used. DOEN distinguishes between project grants, program grants and institutional grants:
- a project subsidy is a donation for a specific project from or within an organisation;
- a program subsidy is a donation to support an organisation’s specific program;
- an institutional subsidy is a donation that supports an organisation as whole.


DOEN Foundation believes that in principle the provision of loans is a matter for banks. But given the stage many applicants’ projects are in, they often are not yet eligible for bank financing, for example because they cannot provide any guarantees. In these cases however, DOEN can decide to grant the loan to make the initiative possible. How the loan is structured and which agreements are concluded depends on the initiative and the expected repayment capacity. DOEN uses repaid loans and interest again to support initiatives that help achieve DOEN’s objectives to create a greener, more socially-inclusive, and more creative society.


For over 20 years, DOEN participates in innovative, social and/or sustainable enterprises and funds that serve the greater good, both at home and abroad. This happens from DOEN Foundation as well as from its own social investment company DOEN Participations BV. DOEN gained extensive experience with ‘impact investments’. Read more about our equities.